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Copper Tubes - 1/4" x 0.61mm (23g) x 15m

Copper Tubes - 1/4" x 0.71mm (22g) x 15m

Copper Tubes - 3/8" x 0.61mm (23g) x 15m

Copper Tubes - 3/8" x 0.71mm (22g) x 15m

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Insulflex Rubber Insulation - 800ml

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Sanhua - SBV 6 (1/4") - Ball Valve (Standard)

Sanhua - SBV 10 (3/8") - Ball Valve (Standard)

Sanhua - SBV 12 (1/2") - Ball Valve (Standard)

Sanhua - SBV 16 (5/8") - Ball Valve (Standard)

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Grefac GTR - 77 Hand Torch / Brazing Torch PROMOTION

Rothenberger - Rofire Pro Cyclone

Rothenberger - Swivel Pro Twin Burner Torch

Turbotorch TX-504

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Suniso Oil - 3GS / VG32 (4L) PROMOTION

Suniso Oil - 4GS / VG56 (4L) PROMOTION

Suniso Oil - SL-68S (4L)

Emkarate Lubricant - RL 32H (5L)

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Filter Core D-48

Filter Core H-48

Filter Core UK-48

Filter Core F-100

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Emerson Filter Drier (EK-032 - 1/4'')

Emerson Filter Drier (EK-032/S - 1/4'')

Emerson Filter Drier (EK-052 - 1/4'')

Emerson Filter Drier (EK-052/S - 1/4'')

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Grefac Flaring Tools GCT-275

Grefac Flaring Tools GCT-278

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Grefac GM-160 Manifold

Brass Type Testing Manifold - R12/R22

Manifold Set

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Charging Hoses

- R410A  charging hoses

- 5 feet length

Charging Hoses - GM-RW-360RYB-S-R22

Charging Hoses - GM-RW-360RYB-HV-R410A

Charging Hoses 1/4" SAE 1500mm

Charging Hoses 5/16" SAE 1500mm

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7/8" - Oil Separator - AWZ 55877

1 1/8" - Oil Separator - AWZ 55889

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Pressure Control PS1-A3A

Pressure Control PS1-R3A

Pressure Control PS1-R5A

Pressure Control FD113ZU Series

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Pressure Gauge (GRG-350)

Pressure Gauge (GRG-500)

Pressure Gauge (GRG-500-R410A)

Pressure Gauge (GFG-500B-GF-R410)

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Grefac Low Pressure Quick Coupler (With Adapter)

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Emerson Sight Glass - AMI 1TT9 (1 1/8")

Emerson Sight Glass - HMI 1MM6 (3/4")

Sanhua Sight Glass - SYJ6 (1/4") Solder

Sanhua Sight Glass - SYJ06 (1/4") Flare

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Sanhua Solenoid Valve - Flare 3/8" MDF-A03-3L003

Sanhua Solenoid Valve - Solder 1/2" MDF-A03-6H003

Sanhua Solenoid Valve - Flare 1/2" MDF-A03-6L003

Sanhua Solenoid Valve - Flare 1/2" MDF-A03-10L003

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Spring Bender - 3/8" GSB-102-06

5/8" - Spring Bender - GSB-102-10

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3/4" - Sanhua Suction Accumulator (AC-PA101016)

7/8" - Sanhua Suction Accumulator (AC-PA127011)

Sanhua Suction Accumulator (AC-PA153010) 1 1/8"

1 3/8" - Sanhua Suction Accumulator (AC-PA153013)

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Swaging Punch - RW-96 / GFT-96-S

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Insulation Tape

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Carel NTC HP - 1.5M Temperature Sensor

Carel NTC WH - 1.5M Temperature Sensor

Carel Temperature Controller PJEZS0H00 (For Chiller)

Carel Temperature Controller PJEZC0H00 (For Freezer)

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Tube Cutter GTC-127 (1/8" - 5/8")

Tube Cutter GTC-312 (1/4" - 1 5/8")

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Sanhua Check Valve - 3/4 " YCVS17

Sanhua Check Valve - 7/8 " YCVS20

Sanhua Check Valve - 1 1/8 " YCVS26

Sanhua Check Valve - 1 3/8 " YCVS31

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Ayvaz Vibration Hoses (Copper) - 3/8"

Ayvaz Vibration Hoses (Copper) - 1/2"

Ayvaz Vibration Hoses (Copper) - 5/8"

Ayvaz Vibration Hoses (Copper) - 3/4"

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