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Grefac Copper Tubes

Grefac Copper Pipe

Smartco Copper Tube

Smartco Copper Pipe EN1057

Jebsen Adhesive - 800ml - S407

Insulflex Rubber Insulation - 800ml


Sanhua Ball Valve (SBV)

Emerson Ball Valve

Grefac Ball Valve


Mini Blast Freezer and Blast Chiller ISA Zero Series

ME Spiral Blast Freezer


ME Spiral Blast Freezer

Turbotorch STK - 11

Turbotorch STK - 99

Grefac GTR - 77 Hand Torch / Brazing Torch

Rothenberger Roxy Torch Kit

Model : MY-GP Series Coldroom Panels
Brand : Grefac
GREFAC specializes in manufacturing Rigid Insulation Cold Roomp Panels - Polyurethane (PUR) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foams.
PUR Foams decompose appoxiamately temperature of 200˚C and caarbonization combustion in 20% compare PIR Foams only decompose in temperature of 325˚C and carbonization combustion reached up to 50%.

Advantages of GREFAC Coldroom Panels
• Execellent ratio of Insulation Property-Weight
• Light weight with excellent Stuctural Strength
• Fire Resistant Complying to :
  : BS 476 : Part 7 - Class 1
  : BS 476 : Part 6 - Class O
• Weather Resistant
• Chemically stable product
• Pre-Fabricated to suit site condition, the panels can be customized to any size & different type surface material (MOQ requied)

Coldroom Panels

Coldroom Panels



Scroll Fusion

Grefac Receiver

STREAM Semi-Hermetic Compressors

Standard Semi-Hermetic Compressors



Refrigeration Lubricant Oil

Suniso Oil

Suniso oil


Guntner Condenser

Guntner Condenser

Guntner Condenser

Guntner Condenser

Scroll Type Series CDU Systems

Brand : Grefac
Model : MY-GSC Series
Capacity : 2HP - 15HP
Application : Low to Medium temperature application

Grefac Condensing Unit

Grefac Wine Chiller Humidity

IZFI Condensing Unit

ZX and ZXL Platform CDU

Copper Elbow 90¡ã (Medium Bend)

Copper Elbow 90¡ã (Long Bend)

Copper Elbow 45¡ã (Medium Bend)

Copper Socket / Copper Coupling



Rothenberger A0873.04 Digital Leak Detector


Rothenberger Ro-therm Digital Thermometer




Sanhua Draining Pump (PSB)

Drain Cleaning Machine


Sanhua Electronic Expansion Valve



Guntner Unit Cooler

Grefac Unit Cooler and Evaporator

Evaporator and Unit Cooler

Grefac Unit Cooler




Rothenberger Standard Riveted Expander Heads

Rothenberger Rocam Expander


Axial Expansion Joint


Sanhua Thermostatic Expansion Valve (RFGD)

Sanhua Thermostatic Expansion Valve (RFKA)

Emerson Expansion Valve




Filter Core W-100HH

Filter Core UK-100

Filter Core H-100

Filter Core F-100


Fin Straightener


Fire Protection Valves

Braided Loop Joints

Angular Expansion Joints



Flaring tools

Grefac GCT-278 Flaring And Swaging Tool



HVAC Hoses Flexible Metal Hose For Fan-Coil Connections

HVAC Hoses KES-TAK, Montage Bag

HVAC Hoses KES-TAK, Self Assembly Kit For Water Connection

HVAC Hoses SU-FLEX, Water Connection Hose

Supermarket Isabella

Gelato & Ice Cream Cart ISA IL Carrettino Series

Gelato & Ice Cream Display ISA Millenium Series

Gelato & Ice Cream Display ISA Olimpica Series

Refrigerant Heat Recovery




Insulation Sheet & Roll

Vibration Sheet - 3/4"

Vibration Sheet - 1/2"

Vibration Sheet - 3/8"

Island Freezer ISA Music Series

Island Freezer ISA Tahiti Series

Island Display ISA Econesos Series


Supermarket Alpha

Supermarket SLIM-gd

Supermarket Tahiti

Mini Cooler 1 Door



Manifold Set



Grefac Brass Type Testing Manifold - R22 / R134A / R404A

Charging Hoses

- R410A  charging hoses

- 5 feet length

Charging Hoses 1/4" SAE 1500mm

Charging Hoses 5/16" SAE 1500mm

Charging Hoses - GM-RW-360RYB-HV-R410A

Charging Hoses - GM-RW-360RYB-S-R22



China Mapp Pro

Worthington Mapp Pro

Rothenberger Mapp Pro


Micro Channel Heat Exchangers



Rothenberger Tube Cutter




Blizzard is a unique model that revolutionizes the concept of product displays and professional refrigeration, offering an excellent blend of environmental awareness and energy savings.
The unit is available in three versions (1P : 1 door / 2P : 2 doors / 3P : 3 doors) each of which features a unique insulated casing and an ample display area with LED lighting in order to prevent the light from being reflected into the customers’ eyes. The unit also features height-adjustable shelves for maximum display flexibility, while the base can be removed in order to facilitate repair operations.
Features :
• Cones with 3 models :
 a) 1P RV TB (Size : 670 W x 841 D x 2064 H)

 b) 2P RV TB (Size : 1340 W x 841 D x 2064 H)
 c) 3P RV TB (Size : 2010 W x 841 D x 2064 H)
• Type : Ventilated Refrigeration (RV)
• Door Type : Swing Glass Door
• Lighting : LED
• Temperature : -1˚C to -16˚C
• Refrigerant : R744 (CO2)

Please Contact Our Sales Office for More Information





Supermarket Blizzard

Supermarket SLIM-ridotto

Supermarket Multiview

MultiDeck Display ISA PANDA Series



ACP CPHE Hot Gas Bypass Regulators

Oil Regulator (Mechanical)

Oil Regulator (Electronic With Alarm)



Oil Reservoir







Pinch Off Plier



Sanhua Pressure Controller




Grefac Pressure Gauge


Grefac Quick Coupler With Adapter


Ratchet Wrench

Rothenberger Rachet Wrench






Rorec PRO

Refrigerant Recovery Device

Compact, Portable Device for Recovery of Halogenated Refrigerants of Every Kind.

Rothenberger Recovery Unit



Grefac Sight Glass

Sanhua Sight Glass (SYJ)

Sight Glass


Sanhua Solenoid Valve

Coils for Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valve


Spring Bender - 5/8" GSB-102-10

Spring Bender - 3/8" GSB-102-06

Spring Bender


Sanhua Suction Accumulator

Emerson Suction Accumulator



Swaging Punch - RW-96 / GFT-96-S


Insulation Tape

Normal Foam Tape

Insulflex Foam Tape



Rothenberger Tee Extractor Sets


Naturally Easy


Temperature Monitoring Controller



TPI 621 Digital Manometer

TPI 605 Digital Vacuum Gauge

TPI 597C1 Digital Hygrometer & Psychrometer

TPI 556C1 Digital Vane Anemometer


Tube Bender


Tube Cutter CT-312

Tube Cutter - Rocut 42 TC-PVC

Tube Cutter GTC-127 / GTB-127

Rothenberger Tube Cutter



Grefac Monoblock

V-Coil Housing CDU Systems




ROAIRVAC Vacuum Pump - 9.0

ROAIRVAC Vacuum Pump - 6.0







Grefac Hand Valve - 3/4" GHV-06

Grefac Hand Valve - 5/8" GHV-05

Grefac Hand Valve - 1/2" GHV-04

Grefac Hand Valve - 3/8" GHV-03


Packless Vibration Hose - Stainless Steel



Refrigeration and Retail Controller


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